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The Pambrun Family

Family photo sessions are usually a little chaotic, especially if kids are involved! This also makes for some of the best photos with endless opportunities for me to capture authentic moments between everyone. Here are a few tips for family shoots with kids:

  • Bring lots of snacks for the kids - trust me this is a life saver when trying to get smiles out of everyone.

  • For smaller families, a mini shoot of 30 minutes is plenty of time to get all the photos you want without having any kid meltdowns.

  • For larger families, a 1 hour shoot is usually needed and it can be beneficial to stagger attendance. If you know your kid only has the attention span of about 10 minutes for photos, let's make those the best 10 minutes and have them come right in the middle of the shoot. If your sibling's family has older kids that will last a little longer, maybe they come first for photos. I'll work with whatever you think makes sense for your family!

  • Pick a time of day that you know the kids are most likely to be happy!

  • Lastly, have fun! These photos are meant to capture your love for your family and if that means chasing kids around the park, I'll run with you :)

Now enjoy some adorable family photos from last summer. I can't wait to shoot again this summer!



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