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Everyone has a story to tell

Hi! I'm Breanne and I want to document your story. Besides my love of photography, I have an unnatural addiction to pizza, can spend hours lying on a dock and am patiently waiting for the day I can bring a puppy home.

I capture genuine stories and definitely condone my clients having a drink to relax during shoots because let's be honest, being photographed isn't the most comfortable activity. I want my clients to be themselves and feel comfortable so I can deliver photos that they love.


Photo courtesy of Xandra Photography

Photo courtesy of Xandra Photography

My clients go with the flow and don't take themselves too seriously. They're having fun with life, spending those moments laughing with the ones they love and hugging as hard as they can, even if it's too tight.


They put their trust in me and I do my best to deliver photos they will love and share with joy.

Let your authentic selves come out


Capturing genuine

Things My Wonderful Clients Say


"Breanne was amazing to work with. She was professional, accommodating and creative. She took the time to get to know me and my husband so the photos she took portrayed us and our relationship perfectly. On our wedding day, she was more than just a photographer; she was a little fairy in the background, going above and beyond to make the day perfect. The photos she gave us were beautiful. I would HIGHLY recommend Breanne, she will make your day so special."

—  Jen and Peter

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